Advantages of our custom equipment


We offer integrated manufacturing ranging from design to manufacture and implementation of products (production start-up) by making full use of our high precision and reliable mechatronics technologies we have built while developing automation equipment coupled with our customer support quality we have cultivated through delivering custom-made products.

Advantages of our standard equipment

1. Customization
  • We carry out consistently from design, manufacturing to start of product with our high precision and reliable mechatronics technologies we have built while developing labor-saving and automated equipment along with our detailed customized services we have nurtured while delivering custom-made products.
2. Semiconductor Process
  • To meet the rapidity of technological innovation in semiconductor industry, we focus on developing leading-edge process technologies.
  • We propose next-generation process/method by providing high-level semiconductorpackaging process and high precision mounting equipments to customers.
3. Circuit Board Mounter Process
  • Making use of our proven experience and expertise along with multitude of sales performance, we contribute to provide high reliable automatic insertion system for discreet electronic parts such as axial, radial and odd-shaped components.
  • We have established highly accurate coating process to narrow area and provide film thickness uniformity regarding to the conformal coating on a electric substrate and precise coating of fluorescent and sealant on LED substrate.
4. Circuit Board Tester Process
  • By using special prober to inspect PCB before components insertion in a high speed and reliable way.
  • A machine flexible to a variety of customer`s needs, covering a wide range of PCB inspection application from Mobile PCB to High-End & High-Value-Added PCB.
5. LED & PV Process
  • We provide automated assembly line for manufacturing LED lamp by adopting high precision and reliable transfer system we have nurtured while developing custom-made equipments. By taking advantage of our high process technological capabilities we have gained through providing semiconductor packaging process to customers, we diversify our business into LED module manufacturing market.
  • As a photovoltaic module manufacture equipment business expected as clean energy, we globally develop full-scale module manufacturing facility with high positional accuracy and reliable stringers.
6. IoT Solution
  • We provide a range of products/services such as a simple entering or leaving access control system and/or a construction of an advanced social information infrastructure with highly secure advanced operations control and convenience.

Technical strength and integrated power