Founded January 19,1989
Capital 195 million yen
Representatives President & CEO : Shujiro Morisawa
Directors President & CEO : Shujiro Morisawa
Exective Director:Itaru Furukoshi
Director:Katsumi Sawada
Director:Hideaki Shinohara
Director and Senior Adviser : Noboru Chiba
Auditor:Naoyuki Shibusawa
Head Office & Factory 2211-3 Ko, Shigeno, Tomi-city,
Nagano 389-0511 Japan
TEL : +81(268)64-0088 / FAX : +81(268)64-0080
Tokyo Office 7F NCO Kanda-cho Building, 1-4-8 Kandasuda-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041 Japan
TEL : +81(3)6262-9556 / FAX : +81(3)6262-9557
Saitama Office Daigo Building 5F, 7-6 Wakitahoncho, Kawagoe-city,
Saitama 350-1123 Japan
TEL : +81(49)293-2795 / FAX : +81(49)293-2796
Fukuoka Office Experimental Center (Social System Technologies) Lab#205 Experimental Center for Social System Technologies,
1963-4 Higashi,Itoshima-city,Fukuoka 819-1122 Japan
TEL : +81(92)331-8001 / FAX : +81(92)331-8041
Utsunomiya Office 2579-8 Takou, Kaminokawa-machi, Kawachi-gun,
Tochigi 329-0524 Japan
TEL : +81(285)38-7577 / FAX : +81(285)38-7571
Dalian Alpha Design Co.,LTD. No.15-14 Koushin Supporting Enterprise Park,
No.27 Liaoning Street,
Economic and Technological Development Zone,
Dalian 116600 China
TEL +86(411)8763-6310 / FAX +86(411)8763-6410
Alpha Automation Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,LTD. 16Block3, Fubao Guihuayuan, 254 Ronghua Road,
Fubao Street, Futian District,Shenzhen 518038 China
TEL&FAX +86(755)8382-5326
Alpha Automation Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,LTD. Shanghai Branch Room1116 Xuhui commercial mansion,
No.168Yude Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200030 China
TEL&FAX +86(755)8382-5326

The Affiliated Companies

Alpha Tech Co.,Ltd 3-4452-20 Hachimanhara, Yonezawa-city,
Yamagata 992-1128 Japan
TEL +81(238)29-0720 FAX +81(238)29-0721
President & CEO : Masayoshi Morisawa
Capital : 30 million yen
Tonami Co.,Ltd 636 Yagi, Tonami-city, Toyama 939-1317 Japan
TEL +81(763)33-2145 FAX +81(763)33-2147

Nagano Office
2211-3 Ko, Shigeno, Tomi-city, Nagano 389-0511 Japan
TEL +81(268)64-7288 FAX +81(268)64-7180
President & CEO : Masayoshi Morisawa
Capital : 10 million yen

The line of products : medical equipment (X-ray fluoroscopic table) / frame for construction equipment / subassembly for elevator / parts for automotive body / tool-storage box for machining center ・ ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) ・ carrier device / reducer for construction equipment and multilevel parking garage / agricultural machine / machine for turf management
head office


1989 Establishment of ALPHA DESIGN CO., LTD.(established as Factory Automation (FA))
Initial Capital : 15 million yen
1992 Land acquisition and construction of Head Office and Plant No.1
Increase in capital to 48 million yen
1995 Construction of a Plant No.2 ( PET bottle blow molding machines ,OEM production)
2004 R&D, Production, Sales of semi-conductor mounting and related equipment
2005 Establishment of Shanghai Office
2006 Establishment of Tokyo Office(R&D, Sales)
Establishment of Osaka Office(R&D, Sales)
Land acquisition and construction of a Plant No.3(PCB mounting equipment, Semi-conductor mounting equipment, Processing plant)
2007 Merged with the processing company, Cyber Technical Art PLUS. Ltd. (subsidiary of Alpha Design Co., Ltd.).
Increase in capital to 195 million yen
2008 Succeed the Board-Packer business from Citizen Co., Ltd.
Open a Fukuoka Office(sales hub for Asia markets, and R&D for Semi-conductor products in collaboration with the Kyushu study groups
2009 Establishment of Yonezawa Office (Sales, Drawing)
Succeed the Tonami Co., Ltd. (large-sized product processing business) and began in operations under the same name in September.
2010 Acquisition of the factory of FLORM Co.,LTD.
Renamed Alpha Yonezawa Office to ALPHA TECH and began in operations. Processing Dept. was separated from Alpha Design and began in operations as Tonami Corporation Ltd., Nagano Office.
2011 Our Production Department has transferred to Tonami Corporation Ltd., Nagano Office.
Establishment of Dalian Alpha Design Co., LTD.
Establishment of Hong Kong Alpha Design Co., Limited
Establishment of Experimental Center for Social System Technologies
2012 Closure of our Osaka Office
2014 Establishment of Alpha Automation Technoogy (Shenzhen) Co.,LTD.
2015 Tonami Corporation Ltd., Nagano offce was spun off from Tonami Corporation and establish Alpha System Co.,Ltd.
Alpha Shanghai office is changed to Alpha Automation Technoogy (Shenzhen) Co.,LTD. Shanghai Branch.
2017 Establishment of Alpha Design Group Tokyo Office




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